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ZEMITA Guide-2020.10 Features of Zemita Guide and basic manual for Zemita products Description and brief manual for the Zemita apps
How to use AR Score Board You can learn the basics of using the AR Scoreboard app. AR Scoreboard is a dedicated e-chest guard app. AR Scoreboard is a special app that allows you to save videos while auto-scoring with e-chest guard. AR scoreboard can be used without e-chest guard, but Power Competition requires e-chest guard to operate properly.
How to connect Android (iOS) device and TV (Beam projector) iOS 1. Use Lightning Digital AV Adapter (HDMI). Refer to apple.com 2. Use Lightning to VGA Adapter (RGB). Refer to apple.com Note Some Apple-compatible mirroring or mirror casting cables may cause time delay. Please do not use them. Android 1. Follow the MHL adaptor (or MHL cable) manufacturer's manual. 2. Be sure that the MHL adaptor, the phone and TV are compatible with each others. 3. Samsung..
Android / iOS Devices for ZEMITA The Recommended Specification of Android / iOS Devices for ZEMITA 1. Android • Recommended Devices Minimum Android version 6.0 or later (it can be changed by Google Policy) Minimum Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) or later (BLE 5.0 is recommended) Support of MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) to link with TV or Beam Projector Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, and later • Non-Recommended Devi..
How to disconnect / reconnect the transmitter with the app Three ways of disconnecting 1.Terminate the app. It will disconnect all the transmitters connected to the app at the same time. 2. Click 'Disconnection button' in ‘Device Manager’. You can disconnect the specific transmitters. 3. Press the power button of the transmitter for over 3 seconds. You can disconnect the specific transmitters. How to reconnect 1. Go to the Device Manager 2. You can see ..
How to connect the transmitters and the app 1. Click a Zemita app in the Android (iOS) device 2. Click ‘Device Manager’ button. 3. ‘Device Manger’ of each app is displayed. 4. Turn on a transmitter. The red LED will blink. 5. Click ‘scan’ in the device manager to find the transmitter. Its serial number will be listed. 6. Click ‘Link' button of the transmitter. It will be blue-highlighted. 7. Click a circle where the transmitter will be lo..
How to install ZEMITA apps in Android / iOS devices Android 1. Google Play 2. Search ‘zemita’ or '제미타' 3. Install ZESS C, ZESS G, ZESS R2, ZEM RSP, Zfit, Fanta Solo, Scoreboard Free Download iOS 1. Apple App Store 2. Search ‘zemita’ 3. Install ZESS G, ZESS R2, ZEM RSP, Zfit, ZESS C, Scoreboard, Fanta Solo Free Download Caution: Do not install the Chinese version below