ZESS Arm Mitt
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ZESS Arm Mitt

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  • Impact sensor is embedded in the front center
  • Model No: ZAM-01-QC
  • Size:  21 X 48 X 8 cm
  • Weight: 800g / 1200g (incl. box)

Sensing Area

    Center is more sensitive


Recommended Ages by Sensitivity



  • Sensor: 1 year
  • Sensor cable, connector, sponge(foam) & outer cover have no warranty and can be replaced only if defect is found within 15 days from the purchase date
  • Please note that damage caused by user's carelessness and misuse is not covered under warranty.



  • This is not for measuring the full power.
  • If you hit this product with excessive force, the shock absorbing sponge will deform and its life will be shortened. This may also affect the sensitivity of the sensor.


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